Ryukyu Gastronomia — Bellezza

Bellezza, from the Italian word for "beauty," is our take on Italian cuisine. Meals are made using Okinawan ingredients and elements of Okinawan culinary traditions while also taking inspiration from the island's traditional healthy eating principles.

Gathering dining service

You can also order a meal that the chef prepares and places uncooked in the patio refrigerator for you to complete at a later time. Once you've baked, steamed, or cooked the meal using the patio's kitchen amenities, you'll get to enjoy a completely private dinner experience.

Hoshino Resorts BANTA CAFE

This enormous café atop a short cliff has two wings that extend parallel to the sea to ensure fantastic ocean views. It also houses a grill restaurant where you can enjoy steak and seafood grilled over a wood fire.



Ryukyu breakfast

This nutritious small-plate breakfast allows guests to start their day with a variety of Okinawan flavors.

Sicilian Breakfast

Breakfast that starts off with Sicily's local cuisine, Insalata di Arance (orange salad) . A complete breakfast rich in nutrients and proteins, using fresh vegetables and egg dishes.

In-Room Dining Breakfast

We offer an in-room breakfast menu to allow you to enjoy a refreshing morning from your guest room. You can select from two types of cuisines: Japanese or Western. Have a relaxing morning overlooking the ocean as you enjoy your meal.

Mikufaya fruits breakfast

Special breakfast for a limited time only to be enjoyed in a room overlooking the ocean. Fruits can be enjoyed not only for breakfast but also during your stay.

Afternoon Tea

Autumn afternoon tea

You will taste Okinawan autumn taste, Shikuwasa sweets, by the poolside where you can feel the fresh breeze.

Nearby Restaurants

Hoshino Resorts OLU Grill

This restaurant offers authentic grilled dishes, which you can enjoy as you gaze out into the horizon. Have a thick, juicy hamburger for lunch, and grilled steak or seafood for dinner, rich with the aroma of the firewood. Kid's menu and a variety of desserts are available, making this a great place for family or group outings.



We have a special space that allows our guests to enjoy a meal with a large group of friends and family. It is a perfect space to have a meal with a group of 12 to 20 people. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.