A Pool Connected to the Sea All-Season

The swimming pool, designed to complement the cliff's topography and accompanied by the soothing sound of waves, appears to seamlessly merge with the sea. Accessible 24 hours a day, it invites you to savor special moments beneath the night sky and morning sunrise. Enjoy the pool at the perfect temperature throughout the year.

Experience unique design

The pool is a puzzle-like combination of four areas with varying water depths, designed to notice the changes and beauty of nature, such as the ocean's color, the sunset, and the surrounding poolside plants.

Poolside, the Special Seats

Relax in the chairs scattered around the shallow water area, or slumber in the day bed by the pool. Premium seating offers you the opportunity to luxuriate in the moments enhanced by the glowing sunset.

Aperitif time in winter dusk

Winter in Okinawa is mild. Lanterns grace the poolside, providing an ambiance for indulging in Aperitifs. Revel in the opulence of savoring the winter sunset.


The west coast area of the central part of the island boasts one of the most transparent areas in the prefecture, and the coastline is rich in nature.

Gima Beach

The coast that spreads out in front of your room is a natural coast that is rare even in Okinawa nowadays. The sea is surrounded by a rich coral reef. Strolling along the rocky shore, relishing the sound of waves, is a delightful experience.

Nirai Beach

The charming white sand beach. You can swim in the characteristic shallow waters of Okinawa. It is 10 minutes on foot from HOSHINOYA Okinawa.

2024.07.16 Published
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