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About children's use

In RISONARE Atami, families can enjoy resort stays with peace of mind, including family bonding events, kids-only activities, and baby and mom support services, believing that travel will help children grow.

Fee Details

■Ages 7~10

The rate is 70% of the adult rate. (Beds (bedding) and meals are available.)

■Ages 4-6

The rate is 50% of the adult rate. (Beds (bedding) and meals are available.)

* Children who do not use a bed (bedding) due to circumstances may share a bed. (When using bed sharing: Free bed (bedding), meals charged).

■Ages 0-3

Fee is free. (Bed (bedding) and food are not prepared.)

* If you want a bed (bedding) or a meal, please ask for it separately. (Bed (bedding) 5,093 yen (tax included)/Meals Japanese Dining Fireworks: charged, Restaurant Mogumogu: free)

* Rental cribs and baby food are available. (Free)

Up to the same number as the room capacity, children under the age of 6 can sleep together (without meals or bedding). Children who sleep together should be registered as "under the age of 3".

Stay in guest room

All rooms are non-smoking and shoes are taken off.

guest room Furniture

The amenities and equipment provided in the room are as follows.


Habrashi (for adults and children), Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Soap Hand Soap, Baby Soap, Women's Skin Care Set

*Hair brushes, hair rubber, cotton swabs and cotton are available in public hot spring.

■Equipment Humidifier, Refrigerator, Electric Pot, Dryer Bath Towel, Face Towel, Yukata (Adult/Child), Tabi Socks, Slippers

Children's equipment

Children's equipment is available as a free option. → Reserve

■Baby Welcome Set (for ages 0 - 3)

•Diaper Trash

•Baby soap

•Educational toy


■Kids welcome set (for ages 4 - 6) ・auxiliary toilet seat ・footstool for washbasin ・educational toy ・Towel

■crib Free crib rental is available. Sizes: 1200 (W) x 700 (D) x 1000 (H) (H is from the floor to the top of the frame) Numbers are limited.


Rental is free of charge for children aged 18 months or older, as recommended by the Product Safety Association. Numbers are limited.


No room service.

baby food

■Restaurant "Buffet Dining MOGMOG"

・Dinner: ¥4,200 for 7 ~ 11 years old/¥3,000 for 4 ~ 6 years old/Free for under 3 years old

・Breakfast: ¥1,960 for 7 ~ 11 years old/¥1,400 for 4 ~ 6 years old/Free for under 3 years old

・Baby food (dinner/breakfast): porridge, 2 kinds of puree and free toppings

■Japanese Dining HANABI

・Dinner: Ages 7 to 11: ¥4,200 yen/Ages 4 to 6: ¥3,000

・Free baby food (dinner) (available for every 5 ~ 12 months of age)


In the activity lounge, we will explain your child's activities. Enjoy a variety of activity programs for your child's age and season.


While couples enjoy meals and relaxation time, we take care of children from 6 months to preschool age (reservation required).

* Nursery service is available free of charge for those with children who dine at Japanese Dining HANABI (Reservations required, first come, first served).

suckling bottle

Ask the front desk to disinfect baby bottles (microwave-safe). Microwaves and baby bottle cleaning sets are also available in the baby suite.

When sick or injured

Please call the front desk. If you need to see a doctor, we will immediately refer you to the nearest medical facility.

Atami Tokoro Memorial Hospital: 10 minutes by car, International University of Health and Welfare Atami Hospital: 20 minutes by car

facility in the building

Laundromat: Available Vending machine for drinks: Available

Children's equipment

Children whose diapers are not completely removed should wear swimming diapers. They are also sold at the pool reception. 1 for ¥300 (sizes S to L)