About Agriturismo

Agriturismo is a combined word made of Italian words, agricultura (agriculture), and turismo (tourism). It is a tour style that emphasizes enjoying cultural exchanges, farming experiences, and natural experiences on the land far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. At RISONARE Nasu, we present the new travel style “Agriturismo Resort, local charm x resort stay” ─ focusing on the experience of local production activities, added by meals and activities at resort hotels.

01. Enjoy the scenery

Get close to the original scenery of the local crops

The agriculture and dairy in Nasu Kogen have started since Meiji era. Thus, its landscape is shaped by both nature and human activities. In the hotel site, there are rice fields, dry fields, and greenhouses for you to experience various farming activities of each stage of crops growing, from sowing to harvesting. Your stay at Agriturismo Resort focuses on experiencing the production activities. All the fields are one of the iconic landscapes in Nasu area, and you can spend your time in RISONARE Nasu while enjoying the scenery. There is a field and a greenhouse in “Agri Garden” in the facility, and we plan to grow more than 80 kinds of vegetables and about 100 kinds of herbs each year.

02. Enjoy the food

The agriculture meals and living style.

The Agriturismo Resort links agriculture and your trip by HARVEST. The nature blessings in this land give you the best vacation of the season you visit. At Agri-Garden, let’s practice a series of farming activities, from field cultivation, fertilizer making, vegetable, and herb sowing, to harvesting. The activities follow the organic farming methods advised by local farmers. More than harvest, our resort staffs hold various activities to show you the farm works on the day from a farmer’s view. We also provide workshop at the greenhouse in Agri Garden which is inspired by the no crops waste farm lifestyle.

03. Enjoy the experience

We will show you the activities to enjoy nature

Add a great fun of your forest living through various activities, from pizza making with the ingredients just harvested, sweet potato roasting under fluffy fallen leaves, water activities in summer, snow activities in winter, forest walking, workshops of seasonal herbs, to the time doing nothing. At this Agriturismo Resort, you can enjoy activities that utilize the local natural environment for production activities. Based on the activity facility “POKO POKO,” we propose various activities for you to enjoy the nature of Nasu on the vast land of about 42,000 tsubos (34.3 acres). Everyone would love these fun experiences, such as walking in the morning forest, gathering the fallen color leaves to bake sweet potatoes in autumn, and playing in the snow in winter at POKO POKO.

04. Enjoy your stay

In the guestroom building dotted in the natural forest, you will feel the seasons

The forest delivers the rich original scenery of Nasu to you through the room’s windows. They show you the sprouting of spring, the soften sunlight of summer, the fruit-bearing of autumn, and gently protect you from the winds blowing from Nasu mountains in winter. The 43 guestrooms dotted in the vast natural forest are designed by Klein Dytham architecture (KDa), who designed guestrooms for RISONARE Yatsugatake and Atami. The rooms have a refined, friendly design with the theme on the nature of Nasu and resort comfort while being in the nature. The rooms perfectly suit for all groups, from all-adult to family with children.