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At Risonare Nasu, families can enjoy a resort stay with peace of mind, including family bonding events, activities for children only, and services to support babies and mothers, believing that travel makes children bigger.


■For children of 7-11 years old

The rate is 70% of an adult’s rate. (individual bedding and meals are provided)

■For children of 4-6 years old

The rate is 50% of an adult’s rate. (individual bedding and meals are provided)

* Depending on circumstances, children of 4-6 years old may sleep with others instead of occupying a bed by themselves. In this case, only the meals will be charged but not the bedding.

■For children of 0-3 years old

Free of charge. (Bedding and meals are not provided)

* Please specify separately if you wish to have individual bedding or meals for children of 0-3 years old. (individual Bedding: 5,093 yen (tax included) / meals: buffet restaurant “SHAKI SHAKI”: free; main dining “OTTO SETTE”: for adults only)

* Baby beds and baby food are also available. (Free)

For children under 7, bed sharing is available up to the maximum occupancy. Please register the child as “Age 0-3” for your reservation.

Guest room stay

Smoking and Walking with shoes on is prohibited inside all guest rooms.


The amenities and supplies available in the rooms are as follows:


Hand soap, Shampoo, hair conditioner, body soap

■Amenities to receive in front desk

Our building does not have plastic amenities in guest room. The following amenities are available in front desk.

Toothbrush, toothpaste powder, hair brush, shaver, swab, cotton, hair tie, Skin care products for ladys


Humidifier, refrigerator, electric pot, hair dryer Bath towel, face towel one-piece pajamas (for adults / for children), slippers, safety box

Room service

We are sorry that we do not provide room service.

Children's equipment

Children's equipment is available as a free option. → Make a reservation
■Baby Welcome Set (Target: 0~3 years old)

・ Diaper Trash

・Baby Soap

・Knowledge Toy
■Towel - Kids' Welcome Set (Target: 4~6 years old) - Auxiliary Toilet Seat

・Sink Stoop

・Knowledge toy

■crib You can rent a crib for free. The size is limited to 1200 (W) x 700 (D) x 1000 (H) (H extends from the floor to the top of the frame).

■Bedguard Only children over 18 months old are allowed to rent it for free. The number is limited.


You can rent a stroller. The number is limited.

baby food or children menu

■Buffet Restaurant SHAKI SHAKI

・Dinner 7-11 years old: 4,340 yen / 4-6 years old: 3,100 yen / 0-3 years old: free

・Breakfast 7-11 years old: 1,960 yen / 4-6 years old: 1,400 yen / 0-3 years old: free Lunch Regular menu (such as pizza)

・Baby food (dinner / breakfast) Free (for children between 5-12 months)

* Baby food at lunch is 350 yen

Allergies information
Kid’s programs

You can get kid’s activities information at POKO POKO. Please enjoy the various activities for different age groups and seasons.


We take care of children from 1 year and 0 months to preschool age while you enjoy meals and relaxation time for couples only (reservations required).

* Nursery service is available free of charge to those who bring children for dinner at OTTO SETTE NASU (Reservations required, first come, first served, capacity limited).

Disinfecting baby bottles service

Please ask the front desk or the restaurant for microwave disinfection. Also, liquid disinfection set is available for you to use in your room. Limited in number.

In case of sickness or injury

Please contact the front desk. If medical attention is needed, we will direct you to the nearest medical facility.


There are coin laundries and drink vending machines (only soft drinks) available.