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The facility that introduces various ways to experience and have fun in Nasu

“POKO POKO” provides programs for you to enjoy the new travel style “Agriturismo Resort,” such as pizza making with the stone oven. There is also a Books & Café where the book collection will let you feel closer to agriturismo and nature.


The facility that introduces various ways to experience and have fun in Nasu

“POKO POKO” has various activities for you to enjoy our new travel style, “Agriturismo Resort,” such as pizza making with the stone kiln. Have lunch at “Books & Café” where the book collection lets you feel closer to agriturismo and nature.


Enjoy the lunch, Italian pizza baked with the stone kiln

Have a hot Italian pizza (limited quantity) baked in the stone kiln for lunch at RISONARE Nasu. Enjoy it with a cup of coffee in the iconic space of POKO POKO while being next to the warmth from the woods.


The field-related experience that both adults and children enjoy

Our original pizza-making activity starts from kneading the dough and ends on topping. Our pizzaiolo (the person who make and bake the pizza) then bake and finish the pizza for you.


Read a book and have a cup of coffee in your trip

In Books & Cafe, there are books of agriturismo, nature, travel, lifestyle, cooking, and books that make you feel closer to nature. Enjoy reading in nature in different seasons.


Delights on the 6.5m-high net playground equipment and in the ball pool

POKO POKO’s “Play Area” has a 6.5m high, three-layer net playground equipment stretching up to the ceiling, and a ball pool. As an all-weather facility, it is a space to enjoy even with small children. Come to play with your whole body here.


A time for couples only in your trip

We offer childcare services for the couples to have a relaxing mealtime on their own.

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The forest playground to enjoy seasonal fun.

“POKO POKO Plaza” is a mortar-shaped playground with a sofa bed at the end of the stairs from POKO POKO Terrace. At the POKO POKO Plaza, you can enjoy water activities in summer, fallen leaves in autumn,and winter you can enjoy the field-themed “Agri Christmas Tree” for a limited time. A “POKO POKO truck” loaded with items to enjoy the nature of each season will also appear in the plaza.


Klein Dytham architecture (KDa)

The design of “POKO POKO” architecture emphasizes its gentleness that all generations prefer and features its unique three linked large roofs. The three overlapping cones of POKO POKO is conspicuous but corrdinated to Nasu forest. In the daytime, it has iconic among the trees. At night, the warm light of the interior overflows from the entire surface of the building. The roofs are like floating in the darkness. POKO POKO becomes a fantastic landscape. The rhythmic wooden structure supporting this large roof combines logs to create a friendly and comfortable space. In the daytime, natural light pours from the top and create a openness feeling with the outdoor deck. At night, it is a warm space wrapped in soft light reflected by the trees.


studio terra, Inc.

While creating a landscape, we trying to weave the characteristics and memories of the existing land carefully. This land with an altitude over 500m is between the mountainous area and the plain area. Therefore, a rich river flows from the mountains, and deciduous broad-leaved forests such as Inushide hornbeams, Konara oaks, and Mizunara oaks. The high altitude makes large temperature difference, and you can enjoy vivid beautiful sceneries of autumn leaves and fresh green. There are fields and rice fields in the area that change the view throughout the year. We are maintaining the roads to connect various places in the area, and reforesting the forests. At RISONARE Nasu, we have been nurturing the landscape over time. I hope you will visit again and again and enjoy the change and growth of RISONARE Nasu.

Activities (Example)

Our original pizza-making activity starts with harvesting vegetables and herbs of the pizza toppings. Our pizzaiolo (the person who make and bake the pizza) will bake and finish the pizza for you.

Play Area

Net playground equipment (height approximately 6 meters), ball pool, etc.


Agriturismo, nature, travel, lifestyle, cooking, etc.

Food Menu

Italian pizza baked in a stone kiln (limited quantity) , coffee, ice cream, etc. (some of the menu are only provided during lunch time)


9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Lunch 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM (order by 1:30 PM / Books & Cafe in POKO POKO)

* Subject to change depending on the season

* The service hours of childcare (nursery) are different.

* Hotel guests only

* Reservation after check-in