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Italian cuisine featuring the gift of the earth

“OTTO SETTE” is the main dining space of RISONARE Yatsugatake, the summer resort that located on the prefectural border of Yamanashi and Nagano, where a Japanese red pines forest of the Yatsugatake Plateaus (960 m / 3,150 ft) “OTTO” means the number “8”, stands for Yatsugatake.”SETTE” means the number “7”, stands for the seven experts who provide ingredients for “OTTO SETTE”.

Italian cuisine featuring the gift of the earth

Mariage of vegetables x wine

Deep flavor woven by Yatsugatake’s seasonal vegetables x wine

Our seasonal course can only be tasted in limited period . The simple seasoning brings out the natural flavor of vegetables. Glasses of local wine of Yamanashi and Italy are paired with every dishes. Yamanashi is well-known wine-producing place of Japan.We offer a suitable one glass for each dish selected from the various wines, also the soft taste of dishes will be change to rich taste by drinking wines.The combination of the wine and dishes made by the ingredients grew with the same soil, water and air magnifies each other’s flavor.


The course in the dining menu only use the seasonal ingredients produced by the experts with meticulous care

Italian cuisine is originally provided by the unique local ingredients and cooking method. In OTTO SETTE, we use seasonal ingredients produced by the meticulous care of the experts. Also we try to bring out the original taste of the ingredients by using our unique recipe and cooking method. Our eternal theme is providing Italian cuisine full of seasonal flavors. “Nature talk to me and mountains make me cook.” We hope everyone feel this message from the dishes when you enjoy you our delicious meal.


Dinner course ¥12,100 (For dinner courses / consecutive nights, we will prepare different dishes from the second day.)

Children’s course (7-11 years old) ¥8,470 (For dinner courses)

Children’s course (4-6 years old) ¥6,050 (For dinner courses)

■Dinner Courses (adult)

•Asparagas Sformato
•Assorted Appetizers
•30kinds of vegetables
•Rainbow trout with mixed grains risotto
•Cold cappellini with Tomato
•Tonnarelli with cabbage
•Vapore of iwana with flower-zucchin
•Roasted beef with baby corn and potato
•Cassata •Meringata with peach and basil

* Depending on the purchase, some dishes, ingredients and production areas may change.


Reservations required


Masato Kamata was born in 1981 and is from Nagano Prefecture. After training at a hotel in Yamanashi Prefecture, he moved to RISONARE Yatsugatake in 2012. After working there, he studied under former executive chef Masai (now executive chef at HOSHINOYA Okinawa) and learned about the ABCs of seasonal ingredients and attitude toward cooking method. He became executive chef at OTTO SETTE in July 2021. He ascertained the cooking method that brought out the maximum potential of vegetables and aimed to provide a dining experience of "meeting the local ingredients" to guest when he came to visit.


Proposal of surprising Mariage of cuisine and wine

Yamanashi and Nagano are well known as the place of world-famous winery. Numerous excellent wines are continually delivered from the nature blessed land of adequate sunshine hours, day and night temperature difference, and rich waters resource, etc. OTTO SETTE has a wine cellar with a depth of 12 meters (40 ft) and has about 2,000 wines. Our sommelier will suggest the best matches wine to our exquisite dishes and sometimes it makes unusual harmony.


The restaurant wedding at Ristorante OTTO SETTE provides colorful Italian cuisine and it makes guests excited. Some dishes are cooked by chef in front of you and you can enjoy the flesh smell, this is also special point of this restaurant wedding. You can relax and have a wonderful time with the delicious food and high quality service at the restaurant.


5:30 PM - 8:15 PM (L.O. / Hotel guests only)

* Restaurant hours: 23.4/23,10/21 6:00 PM to 8:15 PM (L.O./Hotel guests only)

* Restaurant holidays:23.7/24

* Others: 24.1/9 - 4/29 (scheduled) closed due to restaurant renovation

MenuCourse meal

(Acceptable only from within Japan. Please check the Japanese page for detailed information on usage.)

Average price

Dinner course: ¥12,100

* If you stay for two consecutive nights, we will prepare different dishes from the second day.

Dinner course | Vino e Verdura: ¥24,500

* Reservations required at least 7 days in advance | Vegetable dishes and wine pairing course

Kids course | For ages 7 - 11: ¥8,470

Kids course | For ages 4 - 6: ¥6,050


Reservations required

TEL +81-551-36-5200 (9:00 AM - 6:00 PM)

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