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Blissful moments while your beauty is awakened amidst lush greenery.

Enjoy RISONARE Yatsugatake Spa enveloped by the intense fragrance of mature grapes, or an treatment of fluid, rhythmic touch. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a revitalized mind and body.

The high-quality harvest from Yatsugatake delivers hydration deep into your skin and restores your skin's natural charm

We have a menu with warm stones and body packs. We also have a menu for pregnant women.

Reservations accepted

12:00 PM - 10:00 PM (Reservations required)


* Final treatment start time 8:30 PM

* Guests can reserve the spa menu online.

* You can reserve a day trip to guest by phone.

Body & Facial Menu

Body & Facial Treatment

Use high quality organic skin care to keep your face, back or whole body healthy.

Body Treatment → Cleansing/Facial Wash → Facial Treatment → Skin Adjustment *120 minute course comes with a clay pack.


90 minutes (duration 120 minutes)/120minutes(duration 150minutes)


90 minutes:¥26,400/120minutes:¥36,300

Body Menu

Body treatment

Comfortably trim the back of your body, except for your face.


60 minutes (duration 80 minutes)/90minutes(duration 110minutes)



Body pack treatment

I'll give you a full-body oil treatment except for your face and a pack on your back. You can choose from two different packs.

■Clay pack

The exothermic clay pack warms and smooths your back skin. It is also recommended for those who want to relax more.

■Yogurt pack

A pack containing yogurt ingredients moisturizes your back skin. It is also recommended for those who are concerned about dryness.


90 minutes (duration 110 minutes)



Warmstone Treatment

Comfortable warm stones ease tension in the body and lead to deep relaxation.

* Preparations underway


90 minutes (duration 110 minutes)



Head & decollete, foot treatment

Menu from chest to shoulder, neck and scalp, from elbow to hand and below knee to foot. Recommended for those who don't like lying on their stomach.


90 minutes (duration 110 minutes)



Maternity treatment

You can relax with oil from your feet to below the knees and dry treatment for your scalp.

* We are currently preparing.


60 minutes (duration 80 minutes)



Contents, Time, Prices

You can optionally add the following services.

1.Sea mud thermal pack (3,300 yen)

2.Short facial (30 minutes/7,700 yen)

3.Extended body treatment (every 15 minutes/4,950 yen)

Guest, who would like an option, please fill out the "guest Information" section on the reservation site.

*We will contact you later to confirm the availability of the reservation.

Spa Information


Reserve a spa menu (go to confirmation/change page)

* How to book a spa menu (optional reservation / Japanese)


* Check here for details.

* It will take about 30 minutes for consultation, dressing, etc.

* Hoshino Resorts's spa treatments are designed for relaxation. Please check the "Precautions for Reservations" below and contact us in advance if you have any concerns.

* Precautions when booking RISONARE YATSUGATAKE SPA (PDF / Japanese)

*We recommend that you refrain from alcohol consumption in advance, and from treatments on an empty stomach or immediately after a meal, as you may feel ill during the treatment.

*Depending on your physical condition on the day of your visit to guest, we may suspend or decline the treatment in order to prioritize your safety (regardless of your doctor's permission). In that case, we will still charge you a 100% cancellation fee. We appreciate your understanding.

* Body only treatments are available for ages 16 and up. * All menus are available for men and women.

Shiatsu Acupressure

Experience our Shiatsu acupressure in a healing space embraced by the magnificent nature of Yatsugatake Plateau. The treatment can be held in your room.

Shiatsu Acupressure Information


Reserve shiatsu (go to reservation confirmation/change page)

* How to book a shiatsu (optional reservation / Japanese)


3:00 PM - 10:30 PM (Final treatment start time 9:30 PM)


60 minutes



Closed day



* We accept both men and women.

* You can book your stay in guest on our official website.

* You can book a day trip to guest by phone.

* Same-day reservations are accepted until 6:00 PM.

* There is one male shiatsu practitioner.

* If you do not show up after 10 minutes past your appointment time, we will cancel your appointment.

* A 100% cancellation fee will be charged beginning 24 hours before your appointment time.

Spa: User guide, Notice

Frequently Asked Questions

■Do I need an appointment?

Reservations are required. Please make a reservation by phone on the official website.

■Reservations and inquiries

Reserve a spa menu (go to reservation confirmation/change page)

* You can apply after making a reservation, you need to log in.

* How to book a spa menu (optional reservation / Japanese)

* Both day and overnight stays at guest can be booked.

* If you don't come to the store without contacting us, we may charge you a cancellation fee.

■Tell me about changing your reservation

If you can make an adjustment with another reservation, we will accept it, so please be sure to talk to us in advance.

* Starting 24 hours prior to the start of the treatment, we will charge a cancellation fee (100%) for the reserved menu fee.

■Can I use it on a day trip?

Day trip/visitor guest is also available. Reservations can be made by phone.

■Should I choose a course?

We recommend that you decide on a course before making a reservation, as there is preparation in advance. We can suggest a treatment that suits guest's wishes, please feel free to contact us.

■Can I still get a treatment during pregnancy?

We have a menu for pregnant women (16 to 27 weeks). For the sake of your health, we do not offer treatment to pregnant women in guest who do not have a certain number of pregnancy cycles or those who do but do not feel well on the day of pregnancy. We appreciate your understanding.

■Are there any restrictions based on health conditions?

After surgery, we may refuse treatments to people who have heart disease, cancer, varicose veins, or are being treated for injuries or diseases. Please make a reservation after checking "Precautions when booking a spa."

■Should I bring anything when I have the treatment?

Nothing in particular except what you need to pay (Credit cards, room cards, etc.). Towels, bathrobes, slippers, paper shorts and brushes are available. However, if you want to fix your makeup, please bring what you are using.

* You can pay by room charge or by credit card at the front desk. Cash payment is not accepted. Please note.

■Can I have the treatment while wearing contact lens?

Treatment can be conducted while wearing contact lens. We recommend that you bring your own container to remove them for relaxing deeply.

■When should I arrive for therapy.

Please come to Spa 10 minutes before the treatment reservation time. The description is the treatment time. It will take about 40 minutes for consultation and preparations before and after the treatment.If you arrive late, it will be troublesome for the next customer, which may shorten your treatment time. (The fee will be the same) You may not be accepted due to late arrival.

■Can men accept the treatment?

In Spa, male customers are welcome for all courses.

■Any precautions for Spa?

We need your cooperation in order to maintain a quiet and relaxing environment that every customer’s privacy is respected. Please refrain from using mobile phones in the facility.Please understand that we may ask you to leave if your acts are troublesome or dangerous to others.

■Can I eat before treatment?

Treatments on empty stomach or immediately after a meal may make you feel ill. Receiving treatment 1 hour after meal is recommended. Since alcohol consumption may make you feel sick during treatment, please refrain.

■Can you massage strongly, or apply strong pressure?

Because it is different from massage/shiatsu acupressure, we do not accept requests for an intense massage. We are adjusting the strength of treatment as much as possible within the possible range.

Shiatsu Acupressure Notice

Frequently Asked Questions

■Can I use it for a day trip?

Only in guest where you are staying. - Do you need a reservation? Reservations are required. Please make a reservation on the official website or by phone.

■Reservations and inquiries

Reserve shiatsu (go to reservation confirmation/change page)

* You can apply after making a reservation, you need to log in.

* How to book Shiatsu (optional reservation / Japanese)

■How do you do the treatment?

It works on the whole body's blood flow through meridians and acupoints. The whole body is treated in the order of sideways, prone and supine.

■Can I get shiatsu during pregnancy?

For those who have entered a stable period and are 5 months or more pregnant (16 weeks or more) to less than 8 months pregnant (less than 27 weeks), we offer the treatment in a position other than prone (supine or sideways). For your safety, we do not offer the treatment to guest women who are less than 5 months pregnant or more than 8 months pregnant.

■Are there any regulations based on health conditions?

If you are under treatment, please let us know in advance. If you have a serious chronic disease, please consult your doctor in advance.

■Please tell me about changing or extending an appointment

We can not extend your appointment. If you would like to change your appointment time, please be sure to contact us in advance, as we will accept your request if it is possible to do so. If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment time, we will take 100% of the reservation menu.

■How do I pay for Shiatsu?

We accept payment by room charge or cash.

■Is there anything I should be aware of when using it?

I recommend you to rest a little after the treatment.

■Please tell me about whether you can eat or not

I recommend that you rest for a while after eating. Also, avoid excessive alcohol consumption.